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In philosophy, truth is a property of statements, not of objects or entities. Things are what they are, no more and no less, but statements are about something and bear some sort of relationship to that thing. If the relationship … Continue reading

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Is the Brain a Receiver?

The brain is a physical organ in the same way the kidneys or lungs are a physical organ: it is infused with blood vessels, a specialist class of cells forms its structure, and biochemical and electrical activity comprise the modes … Continue reading

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The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

In my previous entry, it was submitted that it isn’t necessary for Science to be wholly true for it to be a proper subject of faith, belief, and study, and that, similarly, the postulates of a religious faith don’t have … Continue reading

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On the Proper Avoidance of Logic and Evidence

I was taught that logical thinking is the mark of an educated and well-disciplined mind. Among the things that an educated and well-disciplined mind must do is using evidence, that is, traces of the truth, to find the truth. Beyond … Continue reading

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