Channel Rules and Guidelines

The following guidelines are a recommendation to channel operators. They identify practices by users (visitors) that are generally to be discouraged, and in some cases, to be tolerated. They are intended to facilitate the use of the channel by well-intentioned people for discussing subjects of general interest to other visitors. Of course, the operators must and will use their own judgement. Operators are not required to agree on a particular action, and no operator may rescind or nullify another operator’s action. Operator actions are subject to review by the Channel Owner (JohnGuru), his designated alternate (), or his assistant.

So, these are the general guidelines:

A. The following behaviors will call for an immediate ban:

  1. Channel flooding, including join/part flooding, message flooding.
  2. Rapid pasting of text, or repeatedly pasting the same text, will be counted as flooding.
  3. Refusing to obey an operator’s request or warning.
  4. Apparently real threats against another channel user. A comment is a joke and not a threat, only if we recognize it as a joke. If challenged, you must be willing to apologize for the threat. An apology in the channel will be sufficient.

B. Certain political postures will be tolerated at the discretion of the on-site operator:

  1. Promotion, advocacy, or argument to support totalitarian regimes and/or fascist politics. We exist in a democratic society based on the recognition of basic human rights. Attempts to use the channel as a podium for advocating the overthrow of democratic societies is discouraged. Discussion of such political theories is allowed, but promotion may invoke operator action.
  2. We operate an inclusive environment. Racist attitudes and open derision of selected individuals or groups is grounds for dismissal. Discussion of such behaviors is allowed, but acting on them is not.

C. The following behaviors may receive a warning. Repeatedly ignoring a warning may result in a ban.

  1. Repeatedly making derogatory comments against other users for no apparent reason count as personal attacks.
  2. Advertising another channel, web site, or product is distracting and objectionable, and will be tolerated only at the discretion of the ops.
  3. The persistent use of profanity and vulgar remarks in channel, solely for the purpose of offending people, is subject to operator action.
  4. References to excretory and bodily functions, except when clearly relevant to an ongoing discussion, is a form of trolling and will be excluded.
  5. The channel is not intended for dating, meeting members of the opposite sex, or making hook-ups. Any such traffic will be discouraged.
  6. Discussions with another channel member for purely personal purposes, and which exclude others from the conversation, are inappropriate. If you talk about it in channel, you must be willing to respond to anyone about your topic.
  7. Any other obvious form of trolling will be warned.

D. The following behaviors are considered normal types of transactions between adults and will be tolerated unless they become persistent and unrelenting:

  1. Name calling. Everybody does this sometimes and we’re not going to attack people for it.
  2. There are no forbidden words. We all know the words anyway.
  3. Rancorous arguments or disagreements between people are a part of life, and will not result in operator action unless it’s persistent and distracting.
  4. Signs of discrimination against a race, ethnicity, gender can call for disagreement and censure from other channel members, but is not grounds for operator action by itself. We know this type of thing is undesirable behavior, but philosophical channels exist for debating such things as social norms, and it will not make these kind of attitudes go away to simply exclude them.
  5. IRC provides an /ignore function. It is not wrong to use it. But note that ignoring an operator, under rule A3 above, can result in a ban.

E. Operators are not required to enforce these rules, either on you or on anyone else in the channel. Wasting time complaining about operator decisions is trolling.

When applying these guidelines, it is important to remember that it is our intention to treat visitors as adults, not as children, and as such, adults don’t always behave nicely. The inclusion of children in the channel is neither recommended nor invited, and the operator may at his or her discretion exclude a child from the channel because the channel is not intended to be a child-safe environment.

Banning a channel “regular” is a serious action, and may require documentation to establish the action’s legitimacy.