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In Defense of Democracy

Our country is going through a crisis of democracy. To many, it would appear that the crisis is created by the President who uses his powers to deny people constitutional protections, commit war crimes abroad, lie to the people in … Continue reading

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Mistakes Conservatives Make: Using News Sources Wisely

Every news source has its bias. There is no such thing as a completely objective news source. Even if the articles themselves have no partisan bias, the selection of items to report is the result of a judgment, and judgments … Continue reading

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Definition of Liberal

Yesterday I posted something about the definition of a “liberal.” A friend of mine felt the definition did not apply in their case, even though the friend self-describes as a “liberal.” So what does that term really mean? The usage … Continue reading

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What is Capitalism?

The discussion of “Capitalism” in Wikipedia is extensive, replete with a wide variety of different concepts, and potentially confusing by its attempt to portray several different theories of capitalism. Yet it’s clear that we must mean something by the term, … Continue reading

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