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Can Facts Lead us to Moral Principles?

Some of us (I might mention Sam Harris) seem to believe that the application of reason based on facts can lead us cogently and rationally to moral positions and conclusions. But there is a long-standing philosophical tradition stemming from the … Continue reading

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Why We Shouldn’t Trust Markets

Title: Why We Shouldn’t Trust Markets with our Civic Life By: Michael Sandel, prof. at Harvard University Link:¬† Michael Sandel has been teaching an ethics course titled “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do” for over twenty years. In this … Continue reading

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Science: The Second Most Important Subject

Watching TED videos can quickly overwhelm a person’s mental balance. We are flooded with a large number of new ideas and invitations to welcome science into our lives. In many cases these seem only distantly related to the concerns each … Continue reading

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