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The Rat Trap

You’ve seen it. The rat is kept in a cage. In the cage there’s a big wheel. The rat starts to go crazy from its cramped quarters and meaningless existence, so it climbs onto the wheel and begins to run. … Continue reading

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The Myth of Original Sin

Human beings are inherently flawed. They are born with a limited cognitive faculty, and even those who are fairly bright often learn to be cruel and ruthless. We make mistakes. We forget things. We have blind spots. We become enamored … Continue reading

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In philosophy, truth is a property of statements, not of objects or entities. Things are what they are, no more and no less, but statements are about something and bear some sort of relationship to that thing. If the relationship … Continue reading

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The Logical Universe

It’s reasonable to ask how transcendental truths exist, since it’s obvious they can’t exist in the same way rocks in a field or the Cathedral of Notre Dame exists. This has been somewhat of a puzzle for me, until it … Continue reading

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