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For Friday: Can We Reach the Stars?

There is a lot of talk in the news lately about “exoplanets,” planets in other solar systems around other stars. “Exo-” is a prefix often used in space science to mean outside our solar system, for example “exobiology” is the … Continue reading

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Is the Observer Essential?

I mentioned in #Philosophical yesterday in a conversation with Niniane that the observer is an essential part of scientific reality, nowhere more pointedly than in Quantum mechanics, the current heart of physics. Reality is defined by the observer’s interactions with … Continue reading

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Cardinality of the Natural Numbers

Cardinality of sets is a basic concept of set theory, but Georg Cantor extended the range of the idea when he applied it to infinite sets. Cardinality, simply explained, is just the count of elements in a set. The cardinality … Continue reading

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The Secrets of Pi

Coolest comment award in #philosophical today goes to Niniane, who remarked on her interest in the peculiar properties of that most famous of all transcendental numbers: Pi. Technically, pi is the name of one specific point — and only one … Continue reading

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