The Myth of Original Sin

Human beings are inherently flawed. They are born with a limited cognitive faculty, and even those who are fairly bright often learn to be cruel and ruthless. We make mistakes. We forget things. We have blind spots. We become enamored of ideas and beliefs that have no correspondence whatever to reality.

What else is original sin but this inherent, inborn tendency to go off the rails? There’s an old saying, Anybody will murder given the right circumstances. That’s right. Can you even imagine a person so angelic that they would rather die than hurt someone else?

I believe in original sin, and I don’t know anybody who has ever disproved it.

Find me the perfect man.

About John Valley

Born in Michigan, USA, in 1948, I've since lived all over the US, but back here again. I've worked as operating systems developer, consultant, and published three books on Unix and programming back in the 90's. My interests include philosophy and cooking chili. I can usually be found online in the mornings, on Undernet, chatting with people in the #Philosophical channel.
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